Fact #1: I'm a big fan of the idea of Centralized Storage, and the possibilities of accessing my data from any location. In the "connected" world we live in, there is no reason we should have to have more than single set of "live" data to work with.

Fact #2: I use the Exchange Sync feature of my devices. This ensures that my contacts, calendar and email are available on ALL devices. However, Notes are not supported in the implementation of the Exchange Sync protocol on the "i" devices and Zimbra.

Fact #3: I use a Mac, and often use Mac Mail to send and receive my emails, attachments, etc. In Mac Mail, there is folder called Notes, and I typically use that feature to quickly generate these little notes (often technical) so that I don't forget, or can refer back to them at a much later date. And it just so happens that this Notes folder is stored within my storeitoffsite Zimbra account, for me to refer to from any browser, anywhere.

Being an owner of the iPad and recent owner of a iPhone 4, I have access to a little application called Notes. And with iOS4 that application has the ability to store the data within my email. So I thought "Wouldn't it be nice if I could not only access my notes on all devices, but actually update or create new notes directly from my iPad and iPhone. Then, no matter which device I used, I would have access to my current set of notes.


So from the Home screen choose Settings



Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars



Choose to setup a new account, and choose Other



Choose Add Mail Account



Fill in the information using your email address and password



Choose IMAP



Scroll down and enter the information using your email address and password



Scroll down and enter the information. Leave the username and password blank

Hit Next



After a few seconds you should see the below screen. If you

get a message that it can't verify the server, just continue through.

Turn off Mail so you don't receive duplicate notifications.



That's it. You should now be able to create and store Notes directly into your Zimbra email account. You should also see a Notes folder if you log into your email, and be able to access those from within the web browser.