The News and Events Sidebar conveniently displays upcoming events from your mail calendars right on the mail tab. You can also see the latest items from all of your subscribed news feeds.

(To hide this feature for the current session, click on the calendar icon in the header of the New and Events sidebar.)


  • Display events from all of your checked mail calendars (including shared calendars.)

  • Events are color coded for each calendar.

  • Place the mouse cursor over an event to see the full event details.

  • Clicking on an event jumps to that day in your calendar.

  • Click on a news item to read the article right in mail.

  • Click on the News and Events header to hide the sidebar.

  • Calendars (and news feeds) can be hidden from the sidebar by prefixing their name with a tilde (~) character (e.g. "~Vacation".)