How export address book in Zimbra to a .csv file

The current version of Zimbra the only way to export a contacts list as a .csv file is to do the following and it can only be the contacts under the address book. 

In order to export a address book to a .csv file is to do the following step by step 


  1. Click on the “Preferences Tab.”



Pref 2.png

2. Then click on the import/export button in my case the left hand sidebar




3. After this screen is presented you will need to click select the Source type..  It must be a specific folder because it will not allow you to export as a root folder. 





4.  You must click on the contacts button.  Zimbra will only allow items to be exported in a .csv file as a contact file.  Following the selection you can then choose what type of contact format you want export it as.. Your choices are Windows live contacts, Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo. The common .csv file is ADDRESS ACCOUNTS  (you will need to click this tab in the drop down menu to view in Pages or Excel).   



5. Now after choosing the file you want click export and it will download the file.  Once downloaded click the file to make sure it downloaded correctly all contacts are there