FAQ for Desktop Client

When downloading a library, the client hangs at "connecting server"

First, you can check the ccnet.log in client (~/.ccnet/logs/ccnet.log for Linux, C:/users/your_name/ccnet/logs/ccnet.log for Windows) to see what's wrong.

Second, CloudSync server uses port 10001 and 12001, check your firewall settings.

The bubble notification is distracting, how can I disable it?

  • Click the CloudSync tray icon, choose "open admin page" to open the local web interface

  • On the local web interface, click the "Settings" tab

  • uncheck the option "Notify when libraries are synchronized"

seafile-data\blocks directory on the client grows quickly, how can I shrink the folder?

  • This is the "cache" directory on the client side. CloudSync client runs auto garbage collection each time you restart it.

Folders/Libraries not in sync, what's the problem?

Most of the syncing problems caused by file names:

  • Files with ":" "?" "$" in name are not synced as they are not supported in Windows.

  • Files/folders whose names end with "." or white spaces are not synced as they are not allowed on Windows.

  • If you have two files in a folder only different in upper/lower case like 'Readme.md' and 'readme.md', it will prevent sync in Windows/OSX. After 1.6.1, this is fixed. Now 'readme.md' will be automatically renamed to 'readme (case conflict 1).md'.

Send us seafile.log to help us debug!

Can I make single way sync of just downloading (do not upload local changes)?

Yes. You can share a library as read-only to an account. Using this account to download the library.

When you accidently make local change to file A.txt, then

  • Further updates of A.txt in the server will add a conflict file A(someone@example.com 2013-02-04-14-17-04).txt in the local folder.

  • If A.txt is deleted on server, local A.txt will be kept.

How to use CloudSync client behind a socks proxy

See https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/seafile/H9qgNzqdfJE

Can CloudSync be used by multiple accounts on a machine?

Each account must use a different port. Change ~/ccnet/ccnet.conf:


PORT = 13419