Configuring your account in the Windows Mail app

Be sure you are using Microsoft 8, 8.1 or 10, as the EAS feature will not work in Windows 7 or earlier.

Click the Start Button and click the Mail Icon and search for the feature called Mail



The Mail app wizard appears. Click Get started:



Click Add account to add your Zimbra account:



Select the Exchange option:



If the Autodiscover feature is configured, enter your Email address and Password when prompted and click Next.



If the Autodiscover feature is not configured, you will receive an error and will have to enter the information manually. Click Advanced.



  • Email address - Your business email address

  • Password - The password from your business email

  • User name - Your username, which is usually the first part of your email address, such as The username will be user.

  • Domain - The domain of your company, (

  • Server - Enter the same URL as the WebClient, (




The wizard will finish and will ask to follow the policies that the server has. Click Enforce these policies.



Your account is ready to use. Click Done.



Test the synchronization between the Mail app and the WebClient

Once the Profile is configured, just click in the Mail app icon. Once opened, confirm that you have all the items synchronized between the WebClient and the Mail app.



Note: You are not able to check Shared Items for other users, such as mail folders, calendars, etc. If you want to do this, you need to install and configure ZCO and use Microsoft Outlook 2010 or above


Using Contacts, you will have all the Contacts synchronized between the Mail app and the WebClient. To open Contacts, click the Start Menu and click People:



You will be able to see the contacts that you have in your Zimbra Web Client:



You can click Settings to be sure that you are pulling the Contacts from the Zimbra Server with your account:




Zimbra with an account in EAS can synchronize the Calendar too, you can see the Calendar icon in your Mail app:



Or just open the Calendar app in the Start Menu:



The first time you open the Calendar app, you will need to go through the wizard. Click Get started.



Once you have verified that you have your Zimbra account, click Ready to go:



Here is the example and appointment created on the Web Client and automatically synced in the Mail App.



Advantages of use Connector with Microsoft Outlook 2010 and above instead EAS and Mail App

The Connector for Outlook (ZCO) has more options than a configuration with Outlook and EAS. With ZCO you can:

  • Have the Out-of-Office Synced

  • See and manage Shared Items: Mail folders, Calendars, Address Books, etc.

  • Have the same rules in WebClient and also in Outlook with ZCO

  • All the signatures will sync, some users have different signatures with "template emails"

  • Outlook with ZCO permits imporing a .PST from other Outlook versions or previous backup