Did you know that you can automatically forward a copy of your storeitoffsite calendar invitations to another email address?

Here are some scenarios where forwarding a copy of calendar invitations to another address is helpful:

  • If you do not check your account frequently, you can forward a copy of your meeting invitations to an address that you check regularly.

  • If someone manages your calendar on your behalf, they will receive a copy of your meeting invitations and be able to respond for you.

  • If you manage someone else’s calendar, ask them to forward a copy of their meeting invitations to you, so you can respond on their behalf.

To forward a copy of your meeting invitations:

  1. Click the Preferences tab, and select Calendar.

  2. In the Receiving Messages area, enter the email address into the Forward Invites field, as shown below.


Forward a copy of meeting invitations_2015 Oct 13