You might be asking yourself "What is an RSS Feed anyway?"... and then you might ask "And why would I possibly want to do that?".

Well, first, an RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. In other words, it is a method of delivering digital content from websites or blogs directly to you without you having to remember to go out to the website or blog to get it!

Even SIO's blog can be delivered via an RSS feed.

Next, by adding an RSS Feed to your email GUI, any new content will just show up as an item in the feed folder.

You can easily add an RSS feed as a new folder, so you can quickly see new RSS content. There are LOTS of uses, and I have several.

To add an RSS feed:

1. Click the gear icon for Mail Folders, and select New Folder.

2. Name the folder, click the Subscribe to RSS/ATOM feed box, paste the URL for the RSS feed into the field, and click OK.

Try the SIO Feed URL

The RSS folder is displayed with each story listed as an email message.

But what is really cool is that when you use SIO email, those RSS Feeds show up on your mobile devices!!

It's that easy. And now you can keep up with what is happening at SIO (or any other favorite website that supports RSS) without actually having to make a special trip to visit!