Did you know that you can collaborate with co-workers using the briefcase?

Simply share a briefcase folder, and members of your project team can:

  • Upload files

  • Download files

  • Check files in/out

  • Manage versions of files

Checking Files In/Out 

Project team members can collaborate on files by checking a file out, making edits as needed, and checking the updated file back in.

While the file is checked out, users will see a lock icon. This prevents multiple users from making changes to the file simultaneously.

check_files_in_out_2015 Dec

Note: You must have a share to the briefcase folder to check files in/out.

  • To check a file out of the briefcase, right-click the file and select Check Out File.

check_files_in_out_4_2015 Dec

The lock icon shows that this file is now locked and others cannot check the file out for editing.

  • To check a file back into the briefcase, right-click the file and select Check In File. If you did not change the file, select Discard Check Out.

check_files_in_out_2_2015 Dec


You will be prompted to add notes about the version you are uploading.

check_files_in_out_3_2015 Dec

Managing File Versions

You will see each version of the file listed in the briefcase.

  • To manage file versions, right-click on any early version and select Restore as Current Version.

check_files_in_out_6_2015 Dec