So what is Cloud Server?
Cloud Server is an cloud storage system, or more directly, a file server in the sky. Because of it's versatility, the cloud server can be accessed via desktop, laptop, or mobile device. It has a multitude of security features built in, like individual or group sharing, file encryption, virus scanning, access and connection logging, and data protection. It can be accessed from virtually any location within, or outside, of the office making it an invaluable tool for your mobile workforce, all while maintaining security of your data.


How does Cloud Server work?
Just like an on-premis file server, our Cloud Server stores your files in folders, called Libraries. Each library can then be shared, accessed, or synced to various users and groups within your company over a secure SSL communication channel. Additionally, a library can be encrypted with a user-selected encryption code or password. This provides an additional security measure known as encryption at rest. The password is not stored on the server to ensure the highest level of security and integrity for your data (even the server admin cannot view a file's contents).

Cloud Server allows your organization to create groups that contain Libraries, Wiki, and Discussion to enable easy collaboration around documents within a team.

  • Reliable File Syncing: Organize files into libraries. Then, a library can be selectively synced into any device. Reliable and efficient file syncing improves your productivity.

  • Build-in File Encryption: A library can be encrypted by a password choosen by you. Files are encrypted before syncing to the server. Even the we cannot view the files.

  • High Performance: Cloud server is running on SIO's fibre storage network. It is small, lightweight, and has fantastic performance.

  • Team Collaboration: Sharing within groups, and collaboration around libraries and files. Permission control, versioning and activity notification make collaboration easy and reliable.

  • Version Control: As files are edited, the older copies are stored in a versioning system, allowing you to retrieve those older changes at any time.

  • Wiki Support: The Wiki is a publisher-style tool, similar to a notepad, for creating notes or performing edits. Wikipedia is a Wiki.

  • Enterprise Ready: AD/LDAP integration, group syncing, granular permission control make the Cloud Server easily applied to your enterprise environment.

  • Total Data Protection: We are the masters when it comes to protecting your business data! Safety of your data is our FIRST priority!

Below is a list of editions and features provided with SIO Cloud Server services.


How to I gain access to my Cloud Server

You can access you Cloud server in a variety of methods, and with a variety of devices.

  • Web browser portal via Firefox, Safari, Windows Explorer, Chrome, and more

  • Cloud Server Sync Connector (selective sync method) for MacOS, Windows and Linux

  • Cloud Server Drive Connector (mapped drive method) for Windows

  • Various WebDAV client built into an Operating System like MacOS, Windows and Linux

  • Third-party WebDAV client

  • iOS and Android mobile web browser

  • iOS and Android mobile sync client

  • iOS and Android WedDAV client


Below are some screenshots of the most common methods of gaining access. Initially, you will be provided a URL to your cloud server, and with your browser, you will see a login page.

Cloud Server Web Portal


Additionally, you can install your cloud server connector onto your Mac, PC or mobile device, to gain access to your cloud server.

Cloud Server Connector Mac or Windows


Cloud Server IOS App

That's all there is to it!!