What is SIO Rewind?


SIO Rewind is a recovery solution provided by storeitoffsite.com. It allows customers to “Rewind” or roll back a Windows PC or Windows Server (Mac coming soon) to a previous "known good” state, after an unfortunate incident like virus or malware infection, ransomware attack, failed upgrade, failed hardware, or any other incident that interrupts PC or Server operation. It has the added benefit of allowing individual file and folder restoration, making it a full-service backup and recovery solution.


SIO Rewind is provided as package levels, or what I refer to as "layers". Each layer complements and enhances the previous layer of protection, providing you an even higher level of protection.

  • Standard

  • Plus

  • Cloud

The Standard layer provides protection for your servers and PCs. A business with a need for report consolidation, and more management tools, might add the Plus layer. And with either, you may wish to have that data stored in the cloud, so the Cloud layer would be added. Regardless of your needs, your invested is always protected.


What is the advantage of SIO Rewind over my existing data backup?


A routine data backup is very important. But it requires a functioning PC or Server in order to be effective. If your PC or Server has been infected, corrupted, or had a hardware failure, then a data backup by itself won’t be of much value until after you have cured the root failure. This can, most often, take hours, days or even weeks in extreme cases. It’s also very costly to you, because in many situations, you need experienced IT assistance with the cleanup and recovery. With SIO Rewind you can simply overwrite the infected file system with the previous night’s clean Rewind.


Can SIO Rewind replace my daily backup?

Yes, SIO Rewind can replace your daily, routine, backup as well as provide you additional layers of productivity protection, and cost savings. Rewind is simple and user-friendly, eliminating the need to call on expensive IT expertise.


What kinds of situations can Rewind assist me with?


SIO Rewind is very versatile and can be used in a lot of different situations. SIO Rewind gives you access to technology that makes  PC, Server, and Productivity protection easy, and provides much cost-savings in the realm of IT Managed Services. Here are a few situations where SIO Rewind can save the day:



There are an endless number of situations where SIO Rewind assists customers in Productivity and Data protection, recovery, and automation in the space. And the best feature is that once deployed, recovery is just a few clicks in most cases.