Effective December 2018 3z.net is changing the procedure for reporting SPAM email messages.

Reporting Process:

If you are receiving email that you believe is SPAM please do not forward it to helpdesk@3z.net. To report SPAM messages please forward the emails to spam@3z.net or utilize the Cisco Email Reporting plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Sending to spam@3z.net will direct the email to Cisco where the message will be analyzed and added to the system to help prevent spam messages in the future. 

We strongly encourage our end-users to install and utilize the Cisco Email Reporting plugin for Microsoft Outlook. This will integrated into Outlook and provide a single-click option for properly reporting SPAM messages for review and analysis.

Download the Cisco Email Reporting plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Installing the Plugin:

  • Option 1 - Download via the above link and follow the on-screen instructions to install on your local desktop or laptop.
  • Option 2 - If you're on a Remote Desktop or Citrix Xen App server please contact helpdesk@3z.net - our support staff can install the plugin for you.

Help us making our filtering more effective:

We highly recommend customers utilize unsubscribe links in email. If there's an option to unsubscribe please do so and DO NOT report these as spam. There is a difference between legitimate spam and bulk-email. Asking us to block or blacklist bulk email reduces the effective of our email security systems. If you require help determining whether an email is bulk email or legitimate spam contact helpdesk@3z.net