Before performing the steps below, if you were assigned a temporary password please go to the website and log in with your email address and the temporary password, you will be prompted to reset it.  

Once that's complete you may continue to the steps below.

Download and install the Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) per this link ZCO Installation

For 64bit Outlook installs: ZCO 64bit

For 32bit Outlook installs: ZCO 32bit

1.  Go to the Control Panel and click on Mail (32-bit). (on Windows 10, press the Windows key and type "control")

2.  On the Mail Setup window click on Show Profiles...

3.  On the Mail window click on Add...

4.  Name the profile New Zimbra or something different that what's listed then click OK.

5.  In the Add Account window choose Manual setup or additional server types and click Next.

6.  On the next window choose Other and make sure that Zimbra Collaboration Server is highlighted and click Next.

7.  In the Zimbra Server Configuration Settings window enter under the Server Name, and your Email Address and Password and click OK.

8.  On the window that says that you must restart Outlook, click OK.

9.  Click Finish on the Add Account window.

10.  Back in the Mail window, make sure that the new profile is selected in the drop-down under Always user this profile and click OK.

11.  Launch Outlook and you are done!