We highly encourage all current and new clients to keep up to date on 3z.net support methods and procedures. The following explains the various support methods and options you have.

3z.net Helpdesk accepts tickets via the following methods

  1. Telephone - +1-859-331-9004
  2. Email - helpdesk@3z.net
  3. Portal - https://portal.3z.net

We highly encourage all users to register and utilize the portal for tickets. 

Portal Usage Benefits

  • You can submit tickets without access to email
  • Manages can view and comment on all tickets associated with their company and end-users
  • You can view the real-time status of your ticket
  • You can read the entire notes history of your ticket and further comment on it

To register for the 3z.net Portal follow these steps

  1. Visit https://portal.3z.net/
  2. If you've opened tickets with us in the past via telephone or email you are already registered - you will want to select the Forgot your password? link and reset your password.
  3. If you're a new user and have not submitted tickets you'll want to use the Sign up link and register. We will automatically associate you with your parent company via your email domain.