Welcome to 3z.net 

As part of our on-boarding process we request that all new clients fill out and submit the following documents to our helpdesk. These docs will help our team configure your environment and are also required for us to fulfill our Soc2 Type2 controls

Authorize Users - this doc will outline who in your organization can request system changes - ie: changes that affect more than just their account. Any of your users can contact helpdesk for assistance, however authorized users have wider privileges (typically your IT team or managers)

Backup Policy Template - this doc is for making any additions or other changes outside the 3z.net normal backup policy. The document outlines our standard backup policy and you can add and expand as needed,

Password Policy - this doc will let you tell us what you need your policy to be based on your own internal audit and compliance requirements.

Patch Management  Policy - this doc will let you pick the dates and times you'd like re-occurring patching to happen on your hosted systems.